And so it begins…

Writing has always been extremely healing for me. It’s a much safer outlet for all the messy and not too pleasant contours that came to bear on my life and etch away at the shapes I thought I had.

I’ve always found it easier to talk about things in the abstract, keeping most of it away from the public eye. I’ve always drawn this fine line between sharing my feelings and depressing the hell out of those who lent me their ears, and I was more worried about crossing that line than my own wellbeing. I’ve always been much better at making people laugh than cry.

Im beginning to understand that although it’s scary, sometimes terrifying to put these thoughts out there in public view, it’s necessary. It’s reaffirming in a way that only articulating your self can be, and I guess I just didn’t realise how much I needed that.

Sometimes there are things that just need to be put out there, sometimes I just need to pose a question to people who don’t know me, or worse yet ramble incoherently. Not because I want or need someone to fix it, but because it helps me process and understand the world around me, makes articulate what I thought was unapproachable and it shows me that I made it through another day.

So amidst this ephemeral interlude of musing on recent events, a resonating notion has arisen, I have perhaps hidden myself away for far too long. So after perusing the anecdotal tales and humble confessions, the angst ridden tirades and the sappy romantic notions of numerous souls, a drive to blog has been born.

Some parts might be tough to read, so feel free to skip ahead, because I guarantee there will be a happy ending.

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